The genocide committed against European Roma and Sinti during the National Socialist era

An estimated 500,000 European Roma and Sinti were murdered during the Holocaust - victims of racist persecution by the German Nazis and their fascist allies. But this genocide is still largely unknown. Roma and Sinti were murdered in extermination camps and died of hunger and disease in forced labour and concentration camps. Many more were deported and exploited as forced labour on farms, construction sites and in industry. For decades after the war the survivors were not recognised as victims of the Nazi persecution and received little or no compensation or restitution for their lost property. This site provides basic information on the genocide of European Roma and Sinti for teachers and students.

Antigypsyism neither began with the Nazi era nor ended thereafter, but continues to be a theme underpinning many of the crimes committed against Sinti and Roma.

Excerpt from the IHRA working definition of “antigypsyism”

Teaching and learning about the genocide experienced by the Roma and Sinti

If you are a school pupil, you can research “antigypsyism”, the genocide committed against the Sinti and Roma, as well as its causes and consequences, either independently or together with your class.

If you are a teacher, you will find extensive learning material and tips on how to organise lessons on the topic here: all information for teachers.

The learning website

The website “” provides information about the genocide of Roma and Sinti during the National Socialist era. The site presents individual biographies and provides information about places of persecution and extermination. The long and documented European history of persecution against the Roma and Sinti is brought to light here, as are the attempts to resist it. The consequences of this genocide for the survivors and its memory are further focal points of the learning website. All information and worksheets can be found under “Topics”.

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