The website “romasintigenocide.eu” grapples with the genocide of the European Roma and Sinti, and divides the events into six topics. The topics have been prepared with a pedagogical approach in mind; each topic chapter contains a worksheet with historical information and a task. The topics were selected in close cooperation with representatives of numerous European Roma and Sinti organisations, and with the assistance of specialist historians from the countries concerned. The worksheets relate exclusively to those countries in which Roma and Sinti were persecuted and murdered between the years 1933 and 1945.

A total of over 70 worksheets are available for the individual topics, which can be printed out as PDF files. These do not build on each other, and can be selected according to your own teaching focus or interests, respectively.

The tasks contained in the worksheets encourage you to ask new questions and conduct further research; for example, was there a camp for Roma and Sinti near where you live during the National Socialist era?

Each worksheet visually focuses on one source (image, document, etc.). This supports learners in acquiring source-critical competencies.

All chapters and worksheets are available in 12 languages.

Working with the website is suitable for young people aged 14 and over.

Additional materials for teachers

The website manual provides teachers with background information on the genocide inflicted on the Roma and Sinti, as well as methodological recommendations on how to use the learning materials. The manual is currently being revised, and will soon be supplemented with useful information on the recently added chapter, “Resistance”. The current version, which is available for download here, can already be used in the classroom.

Furthermore, all worksheets on the website and individual photos used on the website are available for download here.