By 1938 hundreds of German Sinti and Roma had already been deported to Buchenwald concentration camp near the city of Weimar. In 1939, 600 Austrian Sinti and Roma arrived from Dachau, including many teenagers. In 1940, 500 of the surviving Roma and Sinti were transferred to Mauthausen concentration camp. When the Auschwitz extermination camp was abandoned in the summer of 1944, another 1,800 Roma and Sinti men arrived in Buchenwald, but 200 of them were returned to Auschwitz for extermination in September. About 1,000 Roma and Sinti women evacuated from Auschwitz were sent to the Buchenwald sub-camps at Altenburg, Schlieben and LeipzigTaucha. Few of them survived the inhuman conditions in the arms factories there.